Uh Oh Potty Training!

My little girl has recently turned 2 and I am starting to think about Potty Training... I really had no idea where to start with this but its safe to say I am now in the know of what to look out for and I am getting things prepared in advance. My little one has been showing some of the 'signs' for a little while which is what pushed me on to start preparing, however she is not quite ready just yet.

Here is a list of things to look out for that show readiness to take on potty training.

  • They know they have a wet/ dirty nappy and may try to take it off
  • Your little one knows and tells you when they are doing a wee
  • The gap between having a wee is at least an hour apart (this is key as potty training may fail if its less and will also be very hard work for you too)
  • Some little ones fidget or go somewhere quiet to have a wee too.
  • They may tell you in advance that they need to do a wee.

Every child is different (as we all know!) and potty training can typically begin between the ages of 18 months - 3 years. One thing for sure is that your child will be able to control their bowels and bladder when they are physically ready and will naturally want to be dry and clean, so I am in no rush to push potty training on my little one. I am only just starting to plant the seed and encourage the right behaviour. Its a lot easier and quicker to potty train once your child shows many of the signs more frequently especially the last stage of knowing that they need a wee, meaning less accidents YAY!

So far I have e bought her a potty which she is aware of and even likes to sit on it now (at first she would get up and run off shouting no as soon as she sat down so I just let her get on with it and I always tend to go with the flow). I had heard that its a good idea to have a potty around for it to become familiar, after all using the toilet is a part of our everyday life and now she knows what the potty is and what its used for. Also I was recommended the books 'Princess Polly's Potty' and 'Pirate Pete's Potty' which also have you tube videos, so I have been introducing those too. Another thing I bought is a potty reward chart and stickers ready for when we start, lets face it all toddlers love stickers and generally show enthusiasm to praise so I thought this was a great way to go when I heard about it.

Another thing that a few fellow Mama's had recommended to get were Puppy pads! Especially for the car seat, pram, sat on the sofa and for under the potty. It will help with the accidents so I am definitely going to take on that advice too. There will be lots of accidents so its best stay calm and not to make a fuss, that way they wont feel anxious when it comes to next time. 

Here is a list of the things I have done or am doing in preparation;

  • Begin to plant the seed by talking about using the potty/ toilet and explain things when doing nappy changes to really help them begin to understand.
  • Buy a potty to get your little one familiar with the idea and understand what its used for.
  • Books such as Princess Polly's Potty depict and encourage good habits as well as making it interesting.
  • Get a reward chart with stickers at the ready for when you start to Potty Train adding an element of fun and encouragement.
  • Use Puppy pads around the house, in the car seat etc to minimise accidents.
  • Buy some big girl/ big boy pants ready so your little one feels grown up. (I am going to get her involved by choosing the ones she likes).
  • Nappy training pants or training underwear is a good shout too to minimise accidents and those first trickles.

This is going to be a huge development stage for my little one so I am holding out until I feel the time is right but I think preparation is definitely key as well as getting her used to the idea. I want to make it fun for her so its not boring and she wants to go on the potty so we will see how it goes when we start...