The first few weeks at home!

So your all prepared and have the essentials ready for the arrival of your precious little one..... The nursery is ready, you have the Moses basket to hand, all of the teeny weeny baby clothes are washed and smelling divine, nappy's, wipes, muslin cloths etc etc are all ready for you to come home.
What you think your prepared for is only a fluffy snippet of whats to come when baby arrives. Here is a few tips to help you prepare for you, as parents during the first few weeks at home with your newborn.
New baby image of parents hands and baby feet in black and white.
Food Prep
Its hard to say where the time goes in the early days and simple things like cooking a meal can be a huge task, the best way to get around this is to batch cook and freeze the meals. That way you can eat whenever is convenient with minimal effort. Plan meals with easily digestible foods too.
Have lots of nutritious snacks ready at home to nibble on and keep your energy up because sleep deprivation can be tough so keeping your energy levels up any way you can is a good idea. Also particularly important for breastfeeding Mama's to keep your vitamin and nutrient levels high as you will be burning lots of calories whilst breastfeeding.
Stay hydrated
Have a jug of water next to you at all times so you only have to reach for a sip of water. I remember being extremely thirsty all of a sudden as soon as my newborn latched on whilst breastfeeding so having water there at all times was so much easier and so refreshing!
Sleep sleep sleep
Sleep and rest as much as you possibly can prior to going into labour, the best thing you can be is well rested, definitely make the most of the time too. Even if you already have children just try wherever to get as much rest as you possibly can. When baby is here try and sleep when the baby sleeps and don't worry about anything other then you and your baby, especially not the housework.
The news is out and its hardly surprising that everyone cannot wait to come and see your precious newborn for the first time, its the best news ever knowing a new baby has arrived, however don't be afraid to hold them off and set out some rules prior.. there is plenty of time for visitors and its important to enjoy bonding with your baby and your new little family.
We had visitors come to the hospital as I had a very traumatic birth experience and I was in hospital for five days afterwards, during that time I was very poorly and weak after having two blood transfusions due to what had happened. Naturally I wanted our closet family members to meet our baby as I knew how excited they would be too, however certain members came a few times whilst we were still in hospital unannounced which disturbed me catching up on sleeping and extremely important rest whilst trying to get my strength up.
After that we decided to keep the first days at home to no visitors at all, we wanted our own time to enjoy our baby and for me to try and feel a little better.
        In the same breath its great if family members and friends come to help out when visiting by making drinks, doing a bit of cleaning, bringing food or by having the baby whilst you get a shower or some sleep, so do whatever feels right for you.
Be kind to yourself
Concentrate on you and your baby, its a huge change having a new baby, its emotional and exhausting so don't put too much pressure on yourself and take each day as it comes. Your baby will cry but you will start tuning into whats wrong as you get to know your baby and it will become easier. Make time for yourself if you can whether that be having a nice relaxing bath and a face mask or catching up on one of your programmes. Make sure your comfy with pillows to hand and get your feet up whilst feeding/ cuddling baby.
Most importantly don't be afraid to ask for help or support. Also stay in your little love bubble as long as you want to, its so important for you to do that feels right for you. Cherish every moment  bonding with your new baby enjoying lots & lots of cuddles!