Mama's All season staple piece

Well its summertime currently and when I say summer... I am referring to what be the great British summertime (basically this can mean a variety of weather conditions from day to day).
You have to laugh but literally one day we can have a perfect yellow dot of glorious sunshine with sea blue skies, and feel like walking out of the supermarket is a stone throw away from walking out of the airport in an exotic country. Then the next day can quite frustratingly feel like we are in the midst of a muggy climate experiencing a monsoon.
That is why I love a wardrobe full of versatility (yet of course fashionable and stylish) for my little girl! We all know how fast our little ones grow and how much wear we get (or don't get for that matter) out of those tiny clothes, so its great to have a key outfit that can adapt to all weather conditions, regardless of the season.
I have chosen our Bel Bambini unisex dungarees which can be styled in so many ways making it fit for every season, whilst adapting to the ever changing great British summertime. Such a key staple and oh so versatile for boys and girls.
unisex denim dungarees
 - On a hot summers day roll the legs up to shorts with nothing underneath. Pair with sandals or cute pumps. Yout baby or toddler would look super cute and be kept cool too.
unisex denim dungarees
- As the heat slightly cools roll the legs down. Style with cute sandals or pumps on both boys and girls.
unisex denim dungarees
- Add a short sleeve tee for when the temperature drops yet add style with a slight turned up cuff. Maybe even a light cardigan, jumper or jacket. Add socks for extra warmth with pumps or shoes.
unisex denim dungarees
- Suddenly its gotten a whole lot cooler so add a vest with a long sleeved blouse  or tee, keeping a turned up cuff and maybe a cardigan or body warmer. Wear with long socks or tights for warmth. Add shoes or even wellies (if its rainy) to finish the look.
unisex denim dungarees
- Full on winter time, its freezing cold, windy and wet. Style with a long sleeved vest underneath a long sleeve tee or blouse and long legs. Not forgetting a jumper or cardigan and winter/ rain coat. Socks or tights are a must too. Boots, shoes or wellies.
These rules can also apply to so many different outfits for baby boys, baby girls and toddlers. Its all about the layering, not forgetting tights/ socks and infant footwear are all key players too.
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