Rainy Days With A Toddler

We have plenty of rainy days in the UK that is for sure, but when you have an energetic little toddler wanting to climb the walls when its wet and miserable out ideas to keep them entertained are welcomed. Here is a list to help you out with some ideas to do just that!
 baby nursery rhyme
Hide & Seek
This game never gets old in my experience and running around the house hiding to jump out and shout 'BOO' has my little one giggling her head off, its definitely a firm favourite in our house. I can also get on top of some the cleaning/ tidying at the same time whilst I am counting down waiting for her to run off and hide so its a win win!
Painting with Fruit and Vegetables
Grab some paints and carve out some shapes on potatoes or any type of fruit and veg will work. Play with a variety of different textures to paint a picture, for example
celery hearts,
spring onions
or whatever you may have in the cupboards. This is a brilliant way to get creative and create a toddler masterpiece. Make hand prints with the paint too or use things from around the house such as sponges or crunched up paper etc.
toddler hands with paint on
Hang the washing out
A firm favourite in our house, my little one loves it when i prop up a mini washing line and hand over the pegs and clothes to hang up. You can use string, cord, rope or washing wire around 1-2 metres is plentiful. Then tie each thing to two things for example a door handle, chair, table leg or whatever you have in your house that will work to create a mini indoor washing line. Grab some pegs or hair clips and some little clothes and away you go!
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Make frozen fruit lolly's 
Lets face it summer days will be on their way at some point and making ice lolly's packed with fruit in preparation is a great way to encourage healthy eating too. 
Simply blend a variety of fruit into a smoothie and add this straight to your ice lolly makers ready for the freezer, or add cut up fruit pieces to the lolly pots with water/ juice and freeze. You can teach your toddler the different colours, types of fruit and shapes as you prepare the brightly coloured fruit too.
Toddler indoor play ideas, fruit ice lollys.
Build an indoor den
This has to be a toddler favourite, right? Use tables and chairs to drape sheets or blankets over, and add some pillows or soft cushions too so that your little one can take their teddy bears and some snacks in for a cute teddy bears picnic.
Or just put a blanket down and create an indoor teddy bears picnic for lunch with lots of fab picnic nibbles and all of your little ones favourite teddy's.
Do some baking
Getting messy in the kitchen baking some tasty treats is a great way to keep toddlers entertained and you can enjoy all your efforts at the end too. Throw an apron on and bake some cakes or cookies. If your not a great baker then you can buy pre packed cake making kits with most of the ingredients inside so it makes for super easy baking. 
Baby and toddler baking
Dance around to nursery rhymes
Playing nursery rhymes is so much fun, you can sing and dance and there are plenty of actions involved so its a brilliant way to learn for your little one. Playing any kind of music and dancing around is a great way to have fun together. The rainy day will soon pass.
Go splash in the puddles
If all else fails and your toddler is climbing the walls then why not get wrapped up with some waterproofs on, some cute wellies and get out in the rain to have some fun splashing around in the puddles. Lets face it, who doesn't love jumping around in muddy puddles when your a cheeky tot. My little one absolutely loves splashing around in the puddles. The little giggles are sure to brighten up the day.
Toddler splashing in the puddles