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Hello and welcome to the first ever Bel Bambini blog..
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Natalie the founder of Bel Bambini, first time mama to my beautiful daughter, first time business owner and a first time blog writer. So here goes..
I will be totally honest with you, when I was pregnant if somebody had said to me 'you will leave your job and start an online baby clothing boutique' I would have laughed and shrugged it off. Albeit my head was full of new baby dreaming at the time and not the slightest concept of actually how it would feel to leave my baby a year later to travel the world with my job.
I have always wanted to be a fashion buyer (my job at the time), little did I know the thought of leaving the country for a week here and there, that once was a feeling of excitement and motivation was putting a fear in me like you wouldn't believe. I couldn't do it to her so young, she’s never taken to a bottle and we still have regular nightly wake ups for comfort feeds now (14 months old).
It was by far the biggest and hardest decision I ever made and one that I didn't take lightly. I was so torn because I loved my job so much but I had to look at it as there will always be future opportunities career wise, yet I wont always have the opportunity to see my daughter grow up and start up a new business.
I needed to be able to spend more time with my little girl and continue to do what I love doing. I came up with my perfect way to do that and Bel Bambini was born. I wanted to bring gorgeous little outfits to little ones that are so effortlessly stylish.
I strive to offer staple shapes for baby girls, baby boys and toddlers that are a little more fashion forward, stylish and unique to the high street. Its all about cute outfits that would appeal to all parents including the fashion savvy mama's out there. Although some of the collections could pass for unisex my main aim was to bring pretty florals, frills, ruffles and bows for the girls and trendy, cute and a little boldness for the boys.
I love fashion and my new love of it is buying new clothes for my little girl, she has a wardrobe full to the brim and a huge pile of endless outfits she has already outgrown. Yet nothing gives me more pleasure then dressing her in the cutest, prettiest little clothes I can find. Before having a baby I would buy new clothes weekly (sometimes daily) but oh how the tables have turned, now its all about my little girl. I am sure all you mamas's and papa's can relate to that?!
My absolute dream is doing what I love, spending time with my precious girl and being and aspiring mamapreuneur. It is challenging and a little chaotic (most of the time) but I wouldn't have it any other way. After all being a mama on its own is one of the most rewarding yet mentally and physically exhausting jobs in the world. (I say on my third coffee of the day at BB HQ!)
If you haven't explored our super cute website yet then take a look around and get to know Bel Bambini a little better, this is just a taster of what the future holds.
We are always here for a chat or any questions you may have at info@belbambini.co.uk and of course you can reach out  to us on Instagram or Facebook anytime.